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At Bloomsbury Transformations we are aware of how intimidating it can be to navigate the range of services, advice and social life available for transsexuals in the UK. We are compiling a links page to give you as much information on your choices as possible; if you have a website or company that you would like to see included on this page, please get in touch.

TRANSGENDER ZONE: A very comprehensive and useful resource for all things transgender in the UK. From articles, to links to a huge selection of transgender specific and non specific services, to an events calendar and forums, this is a great place to start networking and educating yourself.

UK ANGELS: A charity dedicated to transgenders in the UK, the Angels provide great advice and support, and run regular social events, including an annual TG beauty pageant.

GENDER UK: Transvestite and transgender chat room, pictures, support and humour

SPARKLE: Sparkle is a celebration of all things transgender, from workshops and talks to parties, meals and fun, It holds an annual weekend festival which takes place in Hyde Park, London in July.

PINK NEWS: News aimed at the UK Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender community.

TRANSSEXUAL ROAD MAP: International resources for transexual people.

MERMAIDS UK: Family and individual support for teenagers and children with gender identity issues

THE BEAUMONT SOCIETY: A support group for transsexuals, those who crossdress, transvestites and their families, friends and colleagues.

LGBT History Month: February is LGBT History Month, a celebration and attempt at raising awareness of transgender issues in Britain and Northern Island.


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