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One of the main requirements of a cross-dressing wig is for it to have longevity – wigs for cross-dressers should appear natural and healthy, and the wearer should be able to wear it constantly without having to keep re-styling it.

Luckily, cross-dressing wigs at Bloomsbury of London come in an extensive range of colours and styles, so the wearer is able to make a new hair system using any fibres that they would like – wigs for cross-dressers must be exactly what the wearer is looking for, as there is no room to be uncomfortable in your hair!

One of the best tips for those looking at wigs for cross-dressers is to keep the colour subtle and in keeping with your complexion – if your hair is naturally dark, it is advisable to keep it a warmer tone rather than a strong blonde, as a contrasting colour will make a cross-dressing wig much more noticeable – we advise all clients to try on as many colours as they can before making their choice.

The length of wigs for cross-dressers is of equal importance to the colour – the way in which the cross-dressing wig is styled can minimise or maximise certain facial features – the aim behind wigs for cross-dressers is to compliment any smaller and more typically feminine feature, while making any typically masculine features smaller; We would recommend a hair style that disguises the adams apple, softens the nose, forehead, chin and ears – for example, if the wearer has a more noticeable adams apple we would advise going for a crossdressing wig with longer layers – which will also make the jawline less sharp.

We are happy to offer full details of all materials available for the base of our wigs for crossdressers as well as the fibres used for the strands – whether they are human hair or synthetic – our human hair is all ethically sourced and is totally unprocessed, making them the most prized hair available and of the highest quality on the market.

For more information on our crossdressing wigs, call us today on 020 7404 6040.


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