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The objective behind a drag queen wig is to make it as fabulous as possible, however, this is the danger of going too far – it is important to keep within the parameters of oh so glamorous and over the top!

Styling a drag queen wig should be a fun and exciting experience, allowing for the wearer to express their alter ego through the colour, cut and length. Typically drag queen wigs ooze volume and life – so the bigger the better! However, we are happy to cater for each individual need – so if you prefer your drag queen wig to have less volume – just say!

The great thing about a drag queen wig is that you really can have fun with the colour – there is no need to be cautious of the colour being 'too bright' or 'too dull' for a particular complexion – it should just be whatever you fancy. Our wide range of human hair or synthetic fibre wigs are available in every colour imaginable – our human hair is completely unprocessed making it of the highest quality.

Our discreet and personal service ensures that all clients are treated in a professional but friendly manner, in a private environment allowing them the security to discuss exactly how they want their bespoke drag queen wig to be made. We offer a variety of different materials for the base of the drag queen wigs as well as giving the wearer the choice between human hair or synthetic fibres – with detailed information on just what the materials involve and how they are treated and maintained.

We are also able to offer all clients appointments to revisit the in store salon every few weeks to maintain their drag queen wig; the appointments at our salon are the same as appointments at any other high end hair salon – just give us a call on 020 7404 6040 to find out more.


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