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What is Bloomsbury Transformations?

Transformations is a brand new arm of the Bloomsbury of London hair replacement group, based in Bloomsbury and offering solutions to alopecia sufferers, chemotherapy patients, and anyone looking to replace or enhance their hair. Transformations was set up to answer the needs of a growing transsexual client base in the UK, who look for affordable but top quality enhancements for their look, but may find traditional wig shops or hair replacement specialists intimidating or unaware of their needs. We have a website, BloomsburyTransformations.co.uk which offers beauty advice aimed at transsexual clients who may be in need of some tips to get them started. We aim to be the first port of call for transsexuals needing hair replacement or enhancement in the UK, filling a gap for a dedicated service.

What can Bloomsbury Transformations offer in terms of hair replacement options?

We are very proud of our human hair systems, but can also offer an in-house wig fitting and customising service, and tricho-extensions which utilise the newest technology for minimum damage to your own hair.

What is a hair system?

A hair system is a secure and non-damaging alternative to extensions, or a wig; it is colour matched to your preference, secured to the scalp with non damaging adhesive, and cut to match your own hair or extensions to achieve the perfect look. With a hair system you really can let your imagination run wild, from a funky blonde bob to long luxurious raven locks. The systems must be changed every three months, but the hair quality will not diminish during this time, and the cost of system maintenance over a year is often comparable to replacing lower quality wigs. We also believe that a hair system is the perfect answer to transgender hair replacement needs: many clients have spent money on  surgery only to have their confidence diminished by low quality hair pieces. The systems we offer are worth every penny for longevity, quality and customisability.

Is the service discreet?

Yes, the clinic is  located on a quiet central London street close to Chancery Lane tube station, in a discreetly marked building. Consultations take place on the second and third floors of the three-storey premises, in private pleasant rooms, and staff are understanding of the unique needs of transgender and transvestite clients. There is no obligation to purchase and we do not like any of our clients to feel rushed or uncomfortable in choosing the best option for them.

Who will take my consultation?

Many consultations are led by company director and trained trichologist Graham Wake, who has given Bloomsbury a reputation for understanding, compassionate services. Graham suffered from hair loss issues in the past and is a proud advocate of the systems Bloomsbury offers to clients.

What happens in a consultation?

Graham will discuss your unique needs and the look that you would like to achieve, taking into account an evaluation of your own hair and lifestyle to find the best hair replacement option. From a specially customised wig that you can wear on special occasions or at the weekends, to a semi permanent fixed hair system, all our products are made of high quality human hair. You will then be given an appointment for your hair system, if you opt for one.

I need advice on the rest of my look. Does Bloomsbury offer this service too?

Our website BloomsburyTransformations.co.uk has a dedicated section (Style Advice) for beauty tips, giving simple and tailored advice on a regular basis with the aim of providing a dedicated resource for our clients and other transsexuals on the internet. If you would like to request help with a particular look or aspect of style and beauty, contact us and we will do our best to put relevant advice on the site. In house, our stylists can offer advice on makeup colours to suit your new look, particularly if you're going for a drastic change. If you feel that you would like to see Bloomsbury Transformations extend its services to include recommending different specialists, this may be in our future so please let us know!


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