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Bloomsbury Transformations takes every aspect into account when meeting someone beginning their journey of a transgender wig. We understand that there are different aspects that come with the production of such a piece compared to wigs and hair pieces that are made purely for concealing hair loss, and make every effort to ensure that the transgender wigs available are perfect in every way.

Our top stylists and wig technicians are on hand at every step of the way, and can offer knowledge and advice when it comes to style and the overall appearance of the wig. For example, choosing the hair colour that is desired is essential, however the colour must be complimentary to the skin tone for the ideal finish. Within the extensive range of transgender wigs you are sure to find a colour that you want and that suits you – and our team are more than happy to offer assistance in this area.

In a similar manner, the nature of the hair also impacts on the face – certain hair styles have the effect of 'hardening' features, making them look more masculine, whereas other hair styles – such as shoulder length cuts, finished with soft, large waves, are known for being most feminine, flattering the features and softening the face – again, our team are happy to help you find a style that meets your desires as well as your look.

Bloomsbury Transformations prides itself on offering excellent service when it comes to transgender wigs. This means having only highly skilled stylists and wig technicians involved in the creation of the finished piece. A transgender wig from Bloomsbury Transformations (as well as the hair pieces available at Bloomsbury of London) is measured precisely to fit the wearer, by creating a mould of the head. This mould is then used as the base of the hair piece – on to which hairs are inserted.

There are a number of ways in which hairs can be attached to the base of a wig – most noteable this can be by single knotting, where individual hairs are knotted at the join of the base and the strand, or by hair injection, a much newer technique which sees the hairs being inserted through the polyurethane base before being sealed by a layer of liquid polyurethane. The way in which the hairs are attached to the base of your transgender wig is totally at your discretion, and can be discussed in detail at your consultation.


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