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The key to finding the perfect transvestite wig lies in the hair style of the piece. It is important to find a subtle and sophisticated looking hair piece, but at the same time you want something that is stylish and on trend.

A feminine hair style is easy to integrate into a transvestite wig, while maintaining the natural look and keeping up with fashion. Also, it is possible to achieve a delicate finish with any type of hair style, it is all about catering to your face shape and complexion. For example, if you are looking for a short and choppy hair style to mimic Emma Watson, by keeping the fringe, bottom of the neck and sides (just above the ears) the texture is softened as opposed to if the hair had been cut in a straight, blunt line. This will soften the jawline and add femininity to the finishing look

If you are looking to go slightly longer with your transvestite wig, for example, a mid length, wavy hair style a la Eva Longoria, again, keep the layers soft and bouncy. Whether the hair is straight, wavy or curled, keeping it light and lustrous will ensure an unnoticeable finish.

You may think that there is a danger with having a transvestite wig using longer hair, however, as long as the style is appropriate you won't have a problem. For example, Kim Kardashians beautiful long locks are enviable but attainable, as she uses soft long layers and waves to create her Rapunzel-like looks. You too could walk away with a transvestite wig and this hair style using a subtle colour and chic, flowing layers.

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