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Femanine (Women's) Wigs for Men


The thought of looking into women's wigs for men may seem confusing at first, but the key to deciphering the perfect women's wigs for men is all in the style. The perfect style will create a feminine look which will suit a more masculine face shape.

The first step is in the colouring – not only do women's wigs for men come in a variety of suitable colours, but the colour must be one that the man both likes and matches. A common mistake is choosing a colour that is too harsh for the complexion, making a very strong statement and being much more noticeable – the best bet would be choosing from the women's wigs for men a more toned down and natural colour, and one which matches the complexion – our skilled wig technicians will be able to assist you at every step of the way.

The same goes for the length and the cut. Again, when choosing from women's wigs for men it is important that the length isn't too extreme – it is all about exaggerating the positive features. For example, those with a rounder face will benefit from a longer length, while shorter wigs and edgier bobs will look great for those with a longer and thinner face. Women's wigs for men are meant to be flattering, so ask our hair experts in store which style will suit your face best.

There is no need for women's wigs for men to be boring just because they blend in. We are able to offer an extensive range of customised hair styles; by this we mean cater for each unique want and need when it comes to finishing of the hair system – we can dye, cut and style out women's wigs for men in any way thinkable – just ask!

We do advise that curls and waves soften harsher facial features, and straight styles are great for rounder faces – but we are happy to work with whatever style you are after – for more information on women's wigs for men, call us today on 020 7404 6040.

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